The Woodlands TX Communities

Alden Bridge - Developed in 1994, Alden Bridge was named after Roger Galatas’, one of the founding presidents of The Woodlands Township, home town in Louisiana.

Carlton Woods - Carlton Woods promises an exclusive, private lifestyle enhanced by a complete array of lavish amenities.

Cochrans Crossing - Over 16,000 residents get to enjoy the heart of The Woodlands and get to take in the nature beauty that is Cochrans Crossing.

College Park - One of The Woodlands' newest and smallest villages with over 900 homes and 200 residents, College Park has an intimate feeling that is perfect for families.

Creekside - Creekside is a new development in The Woodlands’ village featuring a wide variety of home styles and price ranges along with many parks and amenities.

East Shore - East Shore is a unique, 260-acre community in The Woodlands, known as the Garden district, with its formal garden parks and green spaces.

Indian Springs - Indian Springs is the smallest village of The Woodlands community, with approximately 2,200 homes and about 6,000 residents.

Panther Creek - Panther Creek is the second village of The Woodlands community, opened in 1977 and named for the creek that runs through the village.

Sterling Ridge - Sterling Ridge opened in 1999, but since it is one of the newest villages out of the nine villages built in The Woodlands you will still be able to find brand new homes.

Tres Lagos - The Tres Lagos community can be found south of The Woodlands near I-45 and Grand Parkway.

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